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The Real Deal products are made in Brazil of recycled canvas tarpaulins from cargo trucks used for transporting goods. Every hat and bag are truly one of a kind as no two are the same. Each hat and bag has its own unique character. Made from various colors of tarp, they may have patches, seams, holes, or even Portuguese writing. They are hand sewn by Brazilian villagers and reflect the true craftsmanship of the locals. 

Because the tarpaulins were designed to protect its contents from the rough elements in Brazil, they make perfect covers to shield your cabeça (that's head in Portuguese) from the hot summer sun. Every characteristic of The Real Deal tells a story of its prior life lived as a lonely truck tarp and reveals its journeys through the harsh elements in equatorial Brazil.

Here are some examples of the characteristics you could find in your own Real Deal Brazil.


Are you this Real?


Or this Real? 

Every hat and bag are unique...

LKW  Planen aus dem  Amazonas

patches and writing are the coolest...

LKW  Planen aus dem  Amazonas


Portuguese Writing 


Portuguese Writing

Some Real Deal Brazil tarp hats and bags have Portuguese writing in various places. Some of it was stamped on the original tarp and some of it is hand written. Lettering is usually large and makes a bold statement. It can appear randomly on a hat or bag and makes for a really cool look.




Patches, patches 

Patches are a very desirable characteristic of The Real Deal. They truly add uniqueness to each and every hat and bag. Some are small and some are large; some take up complete sections of the hat. Patches came come in a variety of colors and aren't necessarily the same color as the original tarp.




Holes, Fraying and Stitching  
Holes, Fraying and Stitching 

Another flair of The Real Deal are the small puncture holes found in some of the products. They may have been caused by some pointy cargo, or used to secure the tarp to the truck somehow. Fraying may have been caused by repeated wear from its contact with the steel frame of some tired cargo truck.


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