Butterfly Twists Ballerina Flats, Happy Feet!

We get so excited when a new product comes into our store, but we got really excited when the UPS truck pulled up and our Butterfly Twist Ballerina Flats arrived.    This is a shoe for every woman that's on the go.


We opened the box stuck a pair on our toes and we were in heaven.  All the customers in our store could hear the ruckus of us opening the boxes and screaming "OMG these feel so good."    They're like "what are y'all doing?"   "Oh we just got these amazing Butterfly Twist shoes that feel amazing".  "Here try some on." 

Once you put your sweet little toes in these genius shoes, you'll be waiting in our line to pay for them and calling all your girlfriends and sharing them. 


They are unique because they have a inner sole that is like a memory foam mattress. They are unique because they have a inner sole that is like a memory foam mattress.  They are perfectly designed to fold away and store in the cute little bag provided with them at purchase.


The Olivia in Cream and Black is one of our customers FAV!!!!


Cleo in Leopard is crazy comfy and so in right now!!! 



The Kate in Navy & White is perfect with all your fav jeans and nautical outfits.  Hey it's summer!!!  Can you hear us, you better run and get a pair of these to go in your beach bag!!!!!!



If you need a little "sparkle" in your life you have to get a pair of the Samantha in Pewter, which is one of our FAVS!!!

The Diana in Leopard one of the most comfy in the line, love the edgy nail heads!!



So....now you're thinking about how comfy are these ballerina flats, right?   Not all ballerina flats feel good, you know that's the truth!!

Trust us at Living on the Bliss that these are the most comfy shoes you will every put your perfectly pedicured toes into and have "Happy Feet" all day.

Great for when your wearing a high heel shoe and your crying, "please I have to take these off."  Viola!...out comes your Butterfly Twist Ballerina Flats to the rescue.   TaDa!!  Instant pleasure......


We also carry the Butterfly Twists Windsor Rain Boots.  They're so cute and they fold like the flats and also have a cute little bag to store them in.

Scoot on in our little store downtown Southern Pines or shop on our Online Store.


Remember "Happy Feet"

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Cindy Miller
Cindy Miller